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Applications and Benefits
Polyart® synthetic paper consists of a high density polyethylene (HDPE) film coated with a specific coating for HP Indigo that ensures print quality.
Polyart® combines the advantages of paper with the durability of plastic It looks, feels, prints and converts like a semi matt-coated paper but stands up to water, weather, grease, chemicals and resists tearing in both directions.

Menus, place mats
Resistant to water and grease.
Polyart is easy to fold.

  Menu  place mats

Labels for refrigerated  

Labels for refrigerated or frozen products
Resist humidity and extreme cold (-60°C).

Running numbers, wristbands
Outdoor resistant , Polyart is flexible and conformable.

  Running numbers  Wristbands

Industrial labels Chemical label Industrial labels  

Industrial labels
Resists most chemicals, Polyart is extremely durable, ideal for use in hostile environment.

Membership cards, Business cards, tickets
Polyart survives long-term daily handling.

  Membership cards Business card

Data sheets Technical manual Repair guide  

Technical manuals, data sheets
Repair guides… Polyart durability and excellent opacity, make it a perfect material for a variety of informative documents.

For resistant tags and labels
Water and tear resistant, Polyart is easy to convert & dies cuts extremely well.

   Easy to convert Easy to convert Hortical

Bath Book Book  

Book covers
Polyart resists the passage of time, holding up to frequent handling and referals.

Outdoor notices, Point of Purchase signages
Top of the range printing results. Polyart withstands all weather.

  Outdoor notices Sale label

Outodoor leisure guides Leisure guide  

Outodoor leisure guides, hiking trail maps
Polyart resists frequent folding.
Humidity has no effect on its dimensional stability.

Invitation cards and announcements
Polyart offers the durability and printability for the events that counts in life.

  Cards Announcement

Polyart iridescent
Take advantage of the subtle shimmery shades of Polyart iridescent.

Cards & Invitations

  Running numbers  Invitation 

Luxury catalogues Luxury  

Luxury catalogues

Tags and labels

  Tags and labels  Hp Indigo label Gold labels