> Iridescent Polyart for HP Indigo>226g/m² - 285µ - Iridescent gold

226g/m² - 285µ - Iridescent gold

226g/m² - 285µ - Iridescent gold

226g/m² - 285µ - Iridescent gold

Polyart for HP Indigo,

coated 2 sides, iridescent gold 276g/m² - 345µ

Format: 320 x 460 mm
Quantity of sheets per pack: 125

Polyart for HP Indigo is not suitable for other digital printing technologies such as laser, copier or inkjet.

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226g/m² - 285µ - Iridescent gold 2 -4,17 €

More info

Polyart for HP Indigo is a synthetic paper made of high density polyethylene with a specific coating for HP Indigo.
Polyart offer a high resistance to tearing, water, grease and many chemical.
Polyart offer a perfect print finish, with a semi-matt aspect and a unique soooth high-quality feel.

For all applications which must resist frequent handling, humidity, outdoor use. such as menus, technical notices, manuals, promotional flyers, customized covers, membership cards, invitations, outdoor plans, tags & labels (horticultural, luggage, shelf hanger, IML 

Suggestions for applications 226g : flyers, greeting cards, invitation cards, programs

Data sheet

  • Weight - 226 g/m²
  • Thickness - 285 µm
  • Lenght - 46 cm
  • Width - 32 cm
  • Whiteness - -
  • Quantity sheets per pack - 125 by pack
  • Package weight - 4,20 kgs